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Personal Injury is one of the most competitive areas of law for clients.

The high ceiling of potential payouts, especially when facing a corporation, entices attorneys to try and retain as many Personal Injury cases as possible. However, the intense competition for ad space, community awareness, and referral sources makes it extremely difficult to stand out from another firm down the road. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead.

Find Your Niche in the Community

Everyone has a hobby or special interest and using yours to positively participate in your community will only benefit your practice. After all, local exposure is the key to finding new clients. When others in your community notice you promoting community wellbeing in a genuine way, they will take notice.

If you enjoy taking a bicycle ride on the weekends, perhaps consider contacting your local Rotary Club to organize a community bike ride where all proceeds go to a local charity or organization.

Another way to contribute to your community in this example would be to host cyclist safety classes. This would establish you as a local cycling enthusiast who also promotes the safety of those in the community. Endearing yourself to certain causes will make you more visible when someone decides to contact an attorney.

Community outreach is essentially free advertising for you, while at the same time making a difference in your community.

Network Within the Community

When someone needs an attorney, they will usually consult another professional before deciding to seek legal guidance.

For Personal Injury leads or cases it can be valuable to establish relationships with hospitals or auto-body shops. These relationships can be extremely basic, such as asking another professional to keep brochures of your firm in the waiting area.

Printing material and delivering it to local hospitals or shops will probably only take you a couple of hours. Most of these places will accept material free of cost. If even one person calls you because of that pamphlet, you’ve already put your name out there for a few dollars in printing and some legwork.

Additionally, if you know of an appropriate candidate consider asking a medical expert or local mechanic to actively promote your services to anyone they deem an appropriate client. Referral networks like these take time to establish, but the financial dividends from such a relationship are very high.

Fine-tune Your Online Presence and Marketing

While referrals from those in your community are the best way, monetarily speaking to attract clients these referrals only succeed with an online presence.

Online marketing can bring quick success when properly funded and monitored, provided you take care to avoid funding unprofitable or “sunk” sources or ad campaigns when marketing for Personal Injury cases. PI-related pay per lead or pay per contact campaigns are going to be expensive due to the saturation of advertisers, therefore monitoring ROI (Return on Investment) will be very important.

Configuring an online campaign can be daunting. You face not only other law firms, but also third party marketing firms.

Once you realize what you’re up against, it might be time to take a look at what eGeneration can offer in the way of Personal Injury online leads. We protect you from the fluctuating prices of pay per click advertising and only charge you when an individual requests to speak with an attorney.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to increase the number of cases you handle each month, consider contacting eGeneration today.

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