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Superbowl Sunday is probably the most significant unofficial holiday in the United States. People from different places, backgrounds, and cultures all come together for one night to socialize, eat, watch the NFL championship, and of course enjoy some commercials.

Most years the Super Bowl is the most watched program on television in America and the second most-watched program worldwide. This means that while on any other day the commercials may provide a perfect snack or restroom break, the Super Bowl commercials are a showcase of their own that many consider can’t miss.

There is an insane cost for what has become the most coveted 30 second spot in television and these ads have become iconic due to budget, production quality, and special effects. There is a lot your firm can learn from the commercials and apply to your own marketing to be more successful.


This year’s ad for DoorDash featured actor Daveed Diggs and members of the Sesame Street going around town and showing the importance of helping local businesses. Even though they are a company fighting for profits, they still are helping out competition that is struggling during the pandemic. This can be applied to your marketing efforts because it’s important to show you support your community who needs it. Whether you’re a big firm or a solo practice, you want to show you can help your neighbors and lift up society for the better.

General Motors:

The GM commercial had Will Ferrell and others explaining the significance of electric vehicles. They are clearly displaying a product that differentiates themselves from some of their prominent competition. In a world with law firms of all shapes and sizes, it’s essential to be able to show how your firm is unique and different from the rest of the competition. Your firm may have some highly rated attorneys, a great success rate or have recently won a case that resulted in a huge settlement. Use your marketing to emphasize this and make it known what sets you apart from others.


The Toyota advertisement focused on an uplifting message featuring a Paralympian athlete. We see her story develop and the hardships along the way that brought her to where she is today. This strategy of telling a story rather than just showing a product can be extremely fruitful for your practice. People respond well to true personal stories and it can show both authenticity as well as a meaningful way to convey your point. You have limited time in your marketing so it is important to use real stories that people can relate to.

The Superbowl always has takeaways that we can learn from not just on the field. We learned from various ads this year that it goes a long way to show support and help out the community. It’s also crucial to emphasize any unique aspect that differentiates your firm from the others. Finally, it can strengthen your marketing to use real stories and experiences that will relate more to your intended audience. If you’re interested in expanding your marketing through lead generation, please feel free to call (617) 800-0089 or contact us today.

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