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Are you having trouble getting your legal leads on the phone? With increasing amounts of spam calls, users are now more weary of unknown phone numbers, making it harder to successfully follow up with leads.

To increase the chances of getting your leads to pick up your firm’s call, try these 8 tips:

1. Utilize our live-transfer feature. eGen’s live-transfer feature immediately connects leads with your intake staff through an automatic phone call that is paced as soon as the claimant completes our Free Case Evaluation form. Some sources have found that conversions rates increase by 391%* when leads are called in the first mintue.

2. Update your ‘Thank You’ page. If you’re one of eGen’s clients, ask your account manager to see the current ‘Thank You’ page that is displayed when a lead is sent to your firm. This page is completely customizable. Make sure you display your phone number or firm’s email address so a lead can contact your firm themselves. Displaying your phone number on your thank you page also avoids the possibility of a lead not recognizing your number and lead thinking it’s spam.

3. Brand your outbound caller ID. Companies like Hiya and allow you to brand your outbound caller ID. Instead of just your phone number appearing as you call leads, which may look like spam, you can have your firm name and even logo appear. Match this up with your ‘Thank You’ page, and leads can better recognize who is calling and why!

4. Include emailing in your follow ups. Leads received from eGen will also provide their email address. Set up automated emails to go out concurrently while you continue calling leads. In the emails, include a link to your calendar to set up a time to talk or state what phone numbers they can expect your firm to call from and when you’ll be calling. This can help them expect your call, increasing the chances of a lead picking up.

5. Have a voicemail script ready. If leads are not answering, have a short but detailed voicemail script ready to go. Include your firm’s name, why you’re calling, how to contact you and when they can expect to hear from you again.

6. Switch it up. If you’re calling leads at the same time of day or day of the week, try to change when you do your next follow up. The claimant may not be available at the time you continue to call at. For example, if you are trying to reach a PI claimant, they may be working between 9-5 whereas a disability claimant may not be working and may be more flexible.

7. Track everything. An often overlooked step is tracking your intake process. Track when & how you contact leads as well as which methods are successful in contacting a lead and which are not. After you have a large sample size, you can determine if there are any trends in successfully contacting your leads.

8. Contact your leads quickly. Statistics have shown that the quicker you follow up with a lead, the higher the chances of getting in contact with them. Bonus tip: If eGen’s leads are sent only to you but you have someone else doing your intakes, add their email address to also receive your leads. They can then quickly follow up with leads, rather than waiting to have them sent from you.

We’re here to help you find the most success with our legal leads. Clients can reach out to their account managers for assistance with their leads. If you are not a client of eGen’s (yet!),

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