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Google business reviews can be essential for many reasons. They can help increase your organic traffic, promote your business as well as prove to be useful in marketing efforts. The better reviews you have, the more likely someone is to select your firm over a competitor. But how can you get these 5-star reviews? Here are some quick tips on getting the reviews that will set you apart from the competition:

1. Provide the 5-star experience.

This may seem obvious, but without creating a great experience for your clients, you won’t be getting any great reviews. Proving the best service you can to your clients is the foundation for getting a good review on Google.

2. Simply ask.

People love to share their experiences. Just asking for a review may prompt one. Reach out to some of your most recent or most satisfied clients and ask them to write a review for your firm. It’ll make them feel important to have been asked and that their opinion matters to you.

3. Start a system for asking for reviews.

Creating a process to ask for reviews can help make them happen. Identify moments that may lead into an opportunity to ask. Did you just win a large settlement for a client? Or did you help someone get approved for SSDI on his or her initial claim? These are perfect opportunities to ask for your client to leave a review. Don’t wait too long to ask though, as you don’t want their memory to be lacking of all the reasons why they should give you five stars.

4. Email the link.

Emailing a link to post a review on Google will make it easier for those you ask to leave one and can increase your chance of receiving a review. Consider even sending automated emails to clients reminding them to write a review. You can put a built-in review form in the email to make it simple and easy and cut out less steps for your client.

5. Link to the Google review form on your firm’s website.

Find a spot on your site that is easily accessible for clients to leave a review. Adding a link to write a Google review from your website will make all the difference as well as make it easier for someone to find how to leave a review. (To create a link on your website for customers to write a review simply search on a computer for you firm on Google. Find your firm’s business listing and click “Write a review.” Copy the URL in that is in the address bar and use to embed in text on your website.)

6. Use your reviews.

If you have some reviews that you feel really showcase your firm’s ability to win cases, use them any place you find they could be beneficial. You can post them on your firm’s website, use them in an email blast or newsletter as well as advertisements. Wherever you think potential clients may see them, find a place to add them. Old clients may also see that the reviews are actually being used and may be prompted to fill one out!

Don’t be shy about asking for reviews. You worked hard to provide your clients with a great experience as well as have a successful claim. If a bad review happens to be thrown in the mix, don’t be discouraged. There are ways to go about handling bad reviews so that it won’t negatively impact your firm’s online presence or turn potential clients away.

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