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Nearly 130 million US citizens work full time. Thousands of employment law attorneys protect employees’ rights across the nation, but not every attorney can afford a robust in-house marketing department to generate the demand they need to keep doors open. Lead generation companies offer employment law firms an opportunity to find claimants who indicate interest in hiring legal help without toiling over their own internal marketing campaigns.

If you’re considering purchasing employment and labor law leads, you should be prepared to speak with a lead provider to best understand what product you’ll be receiving. Here are some questions you should always ask before purchasing employment and labor law leads:

What employment law case types do you offer?

It’s important to know what types of cases you can receive when you’re working with a labor law lead provider. Do they offer wage theft? Are the majority of the leads wrongful termination cases? Depending on what your firm’s expertise is, you want to ensure that a lead provider can send you pursuable cases. eGeneration offers wage & hour, wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other less common employment law leads.

Do you charge extra for wage theft?

Wage and hour claims are often the ideal case for employment law attorneys. Some lead providers will charge extra for top case types, such as auto accident claims for personal injury attorneys. Deciding to pay more for wage theft is a personal decision. On one hand, you will be paying more for what’s potentially a higher-quality product. On the other hand, you are risking losing perfectly pursuable cases, such as wrongful termination and FMLA violations, which can be worth a lot.

eGeneration does not charge a premium for the most ideal case types. All of our leads are sold at one price per lead.

Are the leads exclusive?

The majority of lead providers sell exclusive legal leads, eGeneration included. If a lead provider doesn’t offer exclusive leads, you’ll need to call your lead within moments of receiving it to ensure that they decide to work with your law firm instead of a competitor. Exclusive leads are more expensive, but you know that you can bypass the rat race of getting in contact with a claimant first.

While our labor law leads are always exclusive, we do recommend contacting an employment law claimant as soon as possible. The faster you reach out to a claimant, the sooner you can determine if he or she has a pursuable claim.

How do you generate your employment leads?

This is an often-overlooked question; one that can give your firm a sense of how high quality the leads might be. There are a few sources that lead generation companies for law firms use to generate leads: paid ads, organic, and email leads are some of the most popular options. It’s important that a high percentage of employment law leads come from paid sources, like Google Ads. These leads are expensive to generate on an advertiser’s side—it’s a competitive industry and leads coming from paid sources often have a higher likelihood of converting into claims.

At the time of publication, 100% of eGeneration’s employment law leads are generated on Google Ads. This allows us to target the best case types for our clients. We will eventually begin generating organic leads which will also be based on the most popular case times among our clients, but our focus always remains on generating paid leads for all of our products.

How does payment work?

Some lead providers lock you into long-term contracts or have minimum purchases required to get started. eGeneration’s billing works on a per-lead basis, meaning you pay for the number of leads you receive in a given time frame. We never have any minimum purchase amounts or long-term contracts. If you need to pause or cancel any time, we simply ask for two days’ notice.

We are excited to offer employment and labor law as our newest case type. We have nationwide availability for exclusive wage theft, sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination leads. If you’d like to learn more about our employment lead pricing and availability in your area, please give eGen a call at 617-800-0089.

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