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Using Google Ads is one of the most reliable methods of generating leads for employment lawyers today. Setting up an employment law campaign will be similar to building any successful campaign in Ads. You’ll need to set a budget and a bidding strategy, bid on keywords relating to case types your firm can handle, and optimize based on your results. Here are some tips to help you be successful with employment law paid search.

Step One: Choosing an Employment Law Campaign Type

When creating an employment law paid search campaign, you’ll need to decide what type of campaign you’ll make. Will you do standard text ads that run on a cost per click (CPC) basis? Or will you create images and run a display campaign? For most employment law attorneys, text ads will be the best place to start. This will ensure that you’re bidding on users who are actively seeking employment law help, not showing an ad to someone who’s passively scrolling through a website.

On the other hand, a display campaign may be relevant for your firm if there’s another large employment law attorney located in the same city/region as you. A good option for building brand awareness is to target users who’ve visited your competitor’s website. These are consumers who are interested in filing an employment law claim but haven’t found your site yet—a great prospective client!

Step Two: Selecting and Building Employment Ad Groups

Much like any area of law, you’ll want to focus the foundation of your employment law CPC campaign on specific case types within employment law that are most profitable to your firm. For example, your campaign may contain 50 wrongful termination keywords, but only 5 retaliation keywords. Wrongful termination are typically much stronger cases than a simple retaliation claim, so you’ll want your campaign’s keywords to reflect this.

You’ll want to be sure to only have at most one case type per ad group—most likely multiple ad groups for your best case types. It wouldn’t make sense for someone to search “wrongful termination attorney” and pull up your ad for “discrimination lawyers”! The more closely you can mirror your employment law ad text to the keywords you’re bidding on, the more successful your campaigns will be.

Step Three: Make Optimizations to Your Employment Law Campaign

The final (and longest) step is making optimizations to your campaign. This will include the typical paid search optimizations such as pausing high-cost keywords and rewriting at text, but you’ll also need to ensure that you’re getting the case types you want from your employment law campaign.

By reviewing the search query report, you can see what users actually searched before clicking on your ad. You’ll often see that they searched exactly what you’re bidding on. In some scenarios, what a user clicks will mirror your keyword. In others, it’ll be totally different. Let’s say you’re bidding on the broad match keyword “sexual harassment lawyer” and you see the following search terms on Ads:

  • what is sexual harassment
  • signs of sexual harassment
  • harassed in school sexually
  • neighbor harasses me
  • sexual harassment letter template

These keywords aren’t relevant to an employment lawyer. You can optimize your campaign by adding negative keywords to “weed out” irrelevant traffic, or you can change your keywords’ match types to try to get more specific traffic instead of bidding on broad keywords.

Putting Everything Together for Employment Law

Managing an employment law paid search campaign is similar to digital marketing for any other case type. By starting with a strong foundation and taking the time to make a campaign that focuses on the case types that perform best for your firm, you can help increase your caseload by using Google Ads as well.

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