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While there are many changes you can make to your site to help increase your conversions increase your conversions, focusing on your contact form is especially important for generating leads. By nature, people do not like filling out forms. However, you can work to combat this by making yours as simple and easy-to-use as possible.

Here are some tips for optimizing your form to increase the conversion rate:

1. Keep it as simple as possible

A form with 10 fields is going to appear way more daunting then one with 4, even if not all of them are required. Only ask for information that you really need and if you do have an optional field or two, be sure they are clearly marked. Also, use a large, easy-to-read font for your field labels and don’t be afraid of white space. Having adequate space between fields and even more space between different sections of the form makes it easier to digest visually and will increase the likelihood that someone will take the time to complete it.

2. Design for ease of use

Make sure that anyone can easily fill out your form, regardless of age or impairments. If you are a disability attorney or advocate, it is especially important that your form is accessible to all. Avoid using icons as form labels, as these can be difficult to distinguish for those with impaired vision. Take care that when using the "tab" button to navigate, the fields are selected in the correct order. This is important to make sure your form is easily read and completed with the use of a screen reader. Additionally, make sure any error messages are descriptive and appear by the field containing the invalid input. For example, for a phone number entered with only 7 digits, the error message should be "Please enter 10-digit phone number (including 3-digit area code)" rather than "Invalid number".

3. Have clear field labels

While the exact placement of field labels is not that important (except on mobile where they should always be above the field) you always want to avoid in-field labels. While these are great space savers since the labels are replaced when the information is entered into the field, this is also the root of their problem. In-field labels disappear as soon as you start entering information, so it is easy to forget what the field was asking for in the first place. Therefore, make sure your field labels are permanent so anyone filling out your form can quickly see the information that each is asking for.

4. Anticipate points of friction and anxiety

People are hesitant to give out personal information online, especially more private pieces such as date of birth. For a Social Security disability attorney or advocate, it is obviously very important to know the age of a lead. Therefore, consider adding a tooltip letting the person filling out the form know why you need their DOB.

5. Effective call-to-action button

Your call-to-action should be descriptive and look like a button. Rather than having the button say "Submit" try something like "Contact Our Firm". Your CTA should be short and to the point, but should let the person completing the form know exactly what they are doing. Also, make sure that the button is easily noticeable by choosing a color with a high contrast to the background. You can also try using a drop shadow effect or an outline so the button really stands out.

These are all relatively easy changes that you can make to optimize your contact form and increase the conversion rate of your website. However, if you are looking for a higher volume of leads or just need to supplement your current case load, give us a call today at 617.800.0089 to learn more about our legal case leads.

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