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When new clients sign up to work with your firm, it is important to let them know right away that they are valued. Thanking new clients for choosing your firm and sending them some useful resources is a great place to start. However, an email or letter is not always sufficient and instead, you may want to consider sending out a thoughtfully crafted welcome packet.

A welcome packet to new clients doesn't have to be elaborate – it will be greatly appreciated even if you just include the most important information they need regarding their case and a few small, useful gifts. You should send different packets based on the clients' type of case, whether it is Social Security disability, personal injury, workers' comp, or employment law, so that you can provide relevant information for every client. Here are some ideas for items to include in your packet:

1. Handwritten Note

Just a few quick lines welcoming the client to your firm can go a long way towards making him or her feel appreciated and valued. Even a small handwritten message at the bottom of your standard, typed welcome letter can feel special.

2. What to expect with your PI/SSD/WC/EMP case

Include a short brochure outlining the steps of filing the claim and a general timeline of the process. Make sure to also highlight any important information the claimant should keep track of, or changes that he or she should let you know about. Keep your brochure short, to the point and easy to read. You can include info graphics to make it even more straightforward and digestible.

3. Contact Information

Make sure that your client knows the best person to get in touch with at your firm and where to direct any questions or concerns. It would be a great idea to include a contact sheet in your packet so that your client feels familiar with the people handling his or her case and never has to worry about feeling ignored or forgotten.

4. Firm branded gifts

Surprise your clients with a few small gifts. When they receive an envelope from your law firm in the mail, they will likely expect it to be filled with paperwork and contracts. Therefore, it will surely bring a smile to their faces when they open it and find a brand new flash drive or a card holder to put on the back of their phone. You can include anything from a reusable straw to a small flashlight that they can carry around in their bag. The items don't have to be expensive – just thoughtful gifts that you think would be useful to your clients. Of course you can also include your firm’s branding on anything that you send, just be sure to do so in a tasteful manner where it won't prevent clients from actually using the items.

Sending out welcome packets to new clients is a relatively quick and easy way to show your clients that you care right from the get go. This is the key to fostering positive relationships, which will help both of you in the long run.. Welcome packets help you foster long-term relationships so that your clients will be more likely to work with you again should they need additional legal help, and will refer your firm to friends. By spending a little extra effort on welcome packets for new clients, you could generate huge profit for your law firm for years to come.

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