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How do I pause my leads?

You can request to pause the leads by submitting a ticket in eLuminate or contacting your account manager. You can pause and resume the leads at any time, with notice of 2 business days.

What is your refund policy?

We always refund leads with an out of service phone number, duplicate leads sent by eGen, or obvious spam (i.e., if someone submits the form as Mickey Mouse). Everything else is handled on a case-by-case basis. We try to be as understanding as possible, but ultimately cannot control whether a claimant fills out the webform accurately.

How do I contest a lead?

You can contest a lead by going to a lead’s eLuminate page and clicking on “More.” From the dropdown menu there, select “Contest.” At that point you can write why you are contesting the lead, and you’ll receive an email with the result in the following days.

Can I send forms to be signed electronically through eLuminate?

We have a number of forms already uploaded in eLuminate that you can send to clients. In order to do so, go to a lead’s page and click “More.” On the dropdown menu select “Generate Documents.” At that point you can select which form(s) you’d like to send and can enter any additional information.

Can I use my own custom documents in eLuminate?

Yes! Contact your account manager if you’d like any custom forms uploaded into eLuminate.

I want to expand the geographical areas I receive leads from, how do I do that?

Reach out to your account manager if you’re interested in opening up your account to more areas. Our system is organized by zip code prefixes (the first three digits of a zip code) and states. If you aren’t sure exactly what zip codes you’re currently set up for, refer back to the Account Configuration your account manager sent when the campaign began.


How do I pay for the leads?

We have two choices for payment methods – credit card or of ACH bank transfer/check. Invoices are generated on the 5th and 20th of each month; with credit cards charged automatically and links to pay through QuickBooks sent out to those who pay using ACH/check.

I already supplied a deposit when I started the account, why am I being sent invoices now?

The deposit you paid at the start of the campaign is only used in the event you cancel your account with any unpaid invoices. At that point the deposit is applied to those invoices, and a check for the remainder of the deposit is mailed back to you.

I just got a new credit card; how do I change my payment information with you?

In order to use your new credit card, we require a new Credit Card Authorization form (just like you filled out when providing the previous card). Submit a ticket through eLuminate or reach out to your account manager to receive a copy of the form

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