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Having a good call to action (CTA) can make or break conversions for your firm’s website. An effective CTA can persuade a user to complete some action, whether it be fill out a contact form for call your firm. Just simply saying “Contact Us” may not always cut it, so it’s important to continue to test different CTAs. Consider these tips next time your employment law firm is looking to try a new CTA:

Create Urgency

You don’t want users to wait to fill out your contact form. To help entice a user to fill out the form right away, try to create a sense of urgency with your call to action. This can be done using keywords like “today” or “now” in your CTA. Many employment law claims have a limited statute of limitations, so you can even consider highlighting this fact, such as “Time is Limited to File a Claim. Contact Us Today”.

Use Money to Persuade

There are a few different ways to use money within your CTA. The first is to highlight that your firm offers a free case evaluation. Many people associate lawyers with a high cost, so showing that your firm offers free case evaluations may convince someone to contact your firm. Try a call to action like “Schedule A FREE Consultation”.

Along the same lines, if your employment law firm is paid on contingency fees, then try using this in your CTA. Knowing that a claimant does not have to pay for your services up front may be the final push they need to contact your firm. You can try a CTA like “We aren’t paid until you are. Contact us today!”

The last way to use money in a CTA is to highlight a potential settlement amount. Many employment law cases, like wrongful termination claims or workplace discrimination claims, can result in a large settlement. Use this as a tool to persuade someone with a potential claim to contact your firm. Calculate your average settlement amount and test this in a call to action, like “You may be eligible for $50,000 in damages!”.

Speak Directly to the Lead

Consider trying some CTAs that speak directly to a potential employment law lead. This can help engage a user and push them to convert. To do this, use more active verbiage and consider making it a little more conversational. This could be testing CTAs like “Let’s Talk” instead of “Contact Us”.

In addition to testing different CTAs, it’s also important that your firm tests different colors, fonts, and placements of your CTA. You may find that just moving your CTA or changing the text color suddenly increases your employment law leads.

But no matter which element of your CTA you test, it’s important to always track your results. Track not only leads, but which convert to actual cases. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your CTA tests. You never know what may actually generate more employment law cases for your firm!

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