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You’ve probably read a variety of articles on search engine optimization (SEO), with most referencing SEO for Google. But Google isn’t the only search engine. Optimizing for Bing can help your firm generate leads on a different search engine. Social Security disability firms may find Bing SEO especially important as Bing tends to attract an older audience, whom may be more likely to qualify for disability benefits.

So how does your firm optimize for Bing SEO?

Exact Match Keywords

On Bing, you may find that many results on the search engine result page (SERPs) have exact matches to the keyword searched. This may be in the URL or the title. Do some research on the keyword or keywords you’d like your firm to rank for on Bing. Add these keywords to your URL or title. You can even add them into your H1 or H2 title tags; but be careful that you don’t overdo it. Keyword stuffing is considered a black hat tactic and may result in a penalty on both Bing and Google.

Click Through Rate

Bing uses click through rate (CTR) as a ranking factor. CTR is when a user clicks on a search result then clicks back to the search results. A high CTR often demonstrates that users did not find the information they were looking for on the page clicked. Sites with a high CTR may drop in the SERPs. Working on your CTR can help improve your firm’s rankings on Bing. This can be done by making some improvements on pages that show a high CTR or bounce rate.

Meta Data

Your firm’s meta descriptions can have a big impact on Bing SEO. Because of this, including your keywords in your meta data is important. It can help tell Bing what your content is about and increase your firm’s visibility in the SERPs.

Social Media

Google has stated that social signals do not play a role in rankings on the SERPs. Bing on the other hand has stated that social media does. This means your firm should have engaging social media accounts. Just making an account and leaving it idle is not enough. Your firm should post regularly and interact with your audience. To make it easier, you can schedule posts ahead of time so that you are posting daily or weekly. You should also try to link your social media accounts and your firm’s site.

Multimedia Content

Adding pictures, videos, audio and other forms of multimedia can assist with your Bing SEO efforts. Moving away from only text-based content can be more engaging for your audiences. In addition, videos and images added to your firm’s site can be added to your social media accounts.

While you work on your firm’s Bing SEO, you may not see results right away. SEO can take time before you begin to see the benefits. Fortunately, lead generation can be a great way to supplement your efforts while you finetune your firm’s site for Bing. We currently have employment law, personal injury, Social Security disability, and workers’ compensation leads available. For more information about our leads, pricing and availability, contact us today!

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