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Is your firm running multiple marketing campaigns but isn’t sure how to improve their results? Whether your focus on email marketing or running paid ads on Google, A/B testing is a way to test modifications to your digital marketing campaigns to determine which has the best performance.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, so you might be focused on grilling or finalizing your travel plans. However, we wanted to give you this marketing strategy to mull over this long weekend so when you get back to work on Tuesday, you can hit the ground running and sign more clients.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a way of comparing two versions of your firm’s marketing campaign by sending traffic to each version and determining which performs better.

In the experiment, A is your control (the standard page you always use for marketing) and B is a copy of that page with one variation incorporated. Some users will see version A, and some will see version B.

By making small adjustments incrementally over time, you can pinpoint the most effective way to design a site that entices potential claimants to work with you.

What Can You Test?

If something in your marketing campaign can be changed, it can also be tested. However, that doesn’t mean that you should test every inch of your web page. You should only make changes to what you think might increase your site’s conversion rate.

Color, copy, button position, images, and subject lines are all popular metrics to use in an A/B test.

For example, if you send an email marketing campaign to 100 potential clients, a good A/B test you can do is send 50 emails with one subject line and the other 50 emails with a different subject.

When you’re looking at the data for that campaign, the subject line that performed the best should have the highest open rate.

Most email-marketing software allows you to do an A/B test to a small percentage of your email list, then send the winner of the test to the remaining contacts. This ensures you don’t waste time sending a bad subject line to your entire email list.

Changes to Your Website

If your firm isn’t running any email marketing campaigns, you can use A/B testing on your website. For example, Social Security disability attorneys can run A/B tests on the Free Disability Evaluation form on their firm’s site.

Your “A” would be your current evaluation form as, and your “B” would be a copy of the form with one change you’d like to test. So what could you modify on your Free Evaluation?

There are a lot of options, but some common modifications evaluated through A/B testing include the copy of the header (EX: Free Evaluation vs Contact Us), the color of the form, the text used on the call to action button, and more. A/B testing allows you to see if your conversion rate to your site can be improved.

Why You Should Work with a Lead Generation Company

While A/B testing is a great and effective marketing strategy, like all marketing-related work, it is not an overnight project. A/B testing is time consuming, and might require multiple people to work on it.

This could be a challenge if your firm doesn’t have a dedicated marketing department, especially if you work at a small firm or if you’re a solo practitioner.

For this reason, you should consider working with a lead generation service for your marketing purposes. We constantly optimize our marketing campaigns in order to provide you with the highest quality leads at a low cost.

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