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Being a Social Security disability attorney puts you into contact with many clients who are struggling. Their day-to-day life can be stressful, and they may be lacking basic support and necessities because they are unable to work.

As their attorney, you work as hard as possible to get them the disability benefits that they need. But in the short term, your Social Security disability clients may require more than that. Because many claimants aren’t awarded benefits for over two years, they’ll have no way to pay for daily necessities we often take for granted.

You can’t possibly meet all of their needs, but you can lead them to organizations that can address some of them. Try telling your SSD clients about the resources listed below; you both have the chance to benefit by telling them about these organizations.

Your clients obviously benefit because they get resources they need. But you benefit because you’re fostering goodwill. This can translate into getting positive online reviews or future referrals from your happy clients.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

SNAP is a program that gives recipients a special debit card to purchase nutritious foods at grocery stores, convenience stores, and even some farmers’ markets. This program can be extremely helpful for people who experience food insecurity due to unemployment.

A person can receive an average of $125.51 in food benefits each month, which can provide enormous relief to someone living in poverty. Information on applying by state is available online, though your clients will have to contact their local SNAP office for more specific details.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

If your clients have not been able to find steady work due to their disabilities, they may also be unable to find long-term and safe housing. They may constantly be on the edge of being evicted due to their precarious financial situations. If this sounds familiar, they may be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The vouchers are administered by local public housing authorities, and the program allows a person to live anywhere that meets the program’s requirements.

The program guarantees housing for low-income families, people with disabilities, and veterans, which means that the program could grant your clients (and their families) stability and peace of mind.

Local Transportation Programs

If your clients live in a city, the urban transit authority will likely offer some kind of discount on tickets and passes. New York City’s MTA and Boston’s MBTA serve as examples of these types of programs.

However, if your clients live in a place that has little to no public transportation, they may be eligible for other programs, such as Wheels4Hope. These programs allow eligible people with lower incomes to obtain cars for very little to no cost.

There are many variations of this type of program across the U.S., and the requirements vary by region. This means that it would be best to look up what is available in your region of the country to give your clients the most useful information.

Give Your Clients the Help That They Need

Telling your clients about these resources takes just a few minutes out of your day, and it can pay off handsomely.

Showing care towards your clients increases the chance that they’ll tell others about their positive experiences, whether it’s in the form of online reviews or additional referrals. Those referrals and reviews can translate into more cases and higher profitability for your firm.

That quick email may be just what you client needs. And if you consider the benefits for your firm, the same could be said for you.

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