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Because dogs are social animals that thrive off of attention and affection, they are often known as man’s best friend. From looking at various parts of a dog’s personality and demeanor, we can learn some valuable lessons that can be applied to legal marketing. Here’s how:

1. Be Yourself

Dogs are authentically themselves, you should be too. You do not need every Ad or piece of content to look the same as other lawyers. Just like every dog has its own trick, you should strive to personalize your brand to stand out from other attorneys. Find out what makes your firm unique and communicate your differences to potential clients.

2. Earn Trust

When dogs turn over for a belly rub, they are signaling that they trust you since they are in such a vulnerable position. Just as you need to earn a dog’s trust, you need to earn a client’s trust. Some clients may have sensitive and personal cases, so it is important that they can trust you to win their claim.

3. Lean on Your Pack

Dogs are pack animals by nature. By living with other animals and humans, dogs create their own supportive and protective team. The pack members always look to the leader for guidance and structure. Strive to form a supportive team atmosphere in the firm. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for feedback to find areas of improvement. By expanding your pack and working with our lead generation team, you can improve your firm’s marketing, generate more leads, and increase profit.

4. Be Agile

When playing fetch, dogs are completely focused on retrieving the ball. They will run, jump, and turn in the most efficient ways to get the ball back to their partner in record time. Just like a dog must react quickly when playing fetch, attorneys need to be ready for any case that comes their way. You need to stay on top of the client’s case and maintain strong communication so that they know you are always there to help.

5. Maintain a Simple Mindset

Dogs live simple lives and generally follow a standard routine: walk, eat, play, sleep, repeat. Although attorneys are often tasked with multiple responsibilities throughout the day, they do not need to do it all alone. By using eLuminate, our client management software, you will be able to manage leads, cases, documents, and day-to-day activities all online. Let eLuminate make your life easier by recording your notes, generating reports, and tracking information that best suits your firm’s needs. By simplifying your routine tasks, you can direct more time and energy to best serve your clients.

6. Read Body Language

Dogs cannot communicate, so often we rely on their body language to know what is going on. Try to understand “digital body language”, or how a user is interacting with your site. Analyze your users’ actions and search for areas of improvement. It is important to keep the information on your site fresh, relevant, and concise to quickly meet the needs of the user.

7. Listen to Commands

You can train your dog to obey a range of commands like sit, jump, come, and roll over. Words are powerful and directly trigger a specific reaction from a dog. Similarly, it is important to optimize your webpage to answer the questions that your clients are asking. You should optimize for keywords that match the specific search inputs of potential clients. By paying attention to the language that clients use, you can incorporate terminology that will drive more traffic to your site.

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