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As your firm continues to meet with clients virtually, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to try a branded background. Whether it’s a solid color with your firm’s logo, a picture of your firm’s office or a pattern using just your firm’s logo colors, it’s important to determine if a branded background is the right decision. Before switching to a branded background, consider these pros and cons:


1. They can hide what is actually in the background.

If you’re working from home, it’s likely that you may be struggling to find a professional background within your home. Using a branded background can make it easy to conceal whatever it is behind you. In addition, this can give you some privacy. Clients don’t need to see what your living room looks like or that you still an overflowing hamper in the corner.

2. Build brand awareness.

A background with your firm’s logos or colors can help build brand awareness for your firm. Your logo and background can also be a vessel to communicate more about your firm. You can even add information about your firm, like contact information. Just avoid adding too much text as it can be distracting.

3. Clients can focus on you.

We’ve all seen the videos of children or pets interrupting a call or doing something distracting in the background. A branded background will keep from anything in the background of your call distracting your clients. They can focus on you and what you are saying.


1. It can be too busy.

A branded background may be too busy. If you use a bright color or pattern, then it may become too distracting. The point of the background it to help the client focus on you, so you’ll need to avoid distracting patterns or colors as well as minimize how much information you have in the background.

2. Those with visual impairments may find it hard to see.

If your firm works with a lot of people who are visually impaired, such as Social Security disability attorneys, they may find it is difficult to see you depending on the background. If you chose a busy branded background or one that does not have good contrast, this can make it difficult for you to be seen by those with low vision. This can create a bad experience for a potential lead and may even cause someone to seek legal assistance elsewhere.

3. If done wrong, the background may conceal you.

When a branded background is done wrong, you may actually be concealed. If you do choose to use a branded background, make sure to test it in whichever location you will be in for your call. The background may pick up another object as you, concealing yourself while leaving another object exposed.

So, should or shouldn’t you use a branded background? This answer will vary from firm to firm. If you do choose to use a branded background, make sure to keep your clients in mind. Use the cons as a guide for what to avoid. When done right, your firm may find that a branded background can help with the success of your firm while working from home.

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